Adoption Situations


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Adoption situations come to us from a variety of sources including referrals from past clients, prior birth mothers, print and online advertising and facilitators.

PLEASE NOTE: Facilitators charge a fee for their services and are not legal to use in all 50 states. California DOES allow the use of a facilitator but states such as New York and New Jersey do NOT.  A facilitator can help match a birth mother with an adoptive family, however, adoptive parents will still need a licensed attorney to handle the legal portion of the adoption and disbursement of birth mother living expenses.

When we have an available situation, profiles of our current clients are shown first. If the situation doesn’t fit for our clients, we will then open up the search to those families wishing to adopt that have not yet retained our services.

If you are interested in adoption but do not yet have a completed profile, we can help. Contact Janet at for assistance in creating your personalized profile.




1. Full Legal Name(s)*

2. Contact Information* (mailing address, phone number, email address)



3. If located outside of California, do you have an attorney in your
state or do you plan to finalize your adoption in California?
Out of StateCalifornia

4. Age(s)

5. Occupation(s)

6. Adoption Budget*

7. Do you have other children?

If yes, how many?

If yes, are they biological or adopted?

8. Do you have a completed home study?

9. Adoption Preferences* (ex. situations you are willing to consider -
race, ethnicity, gender, drug exposure, etc.)

10. What type of contact after birth are you willing to have? (ex.
Letters, pictures, email messages, phone calls, visits, etc.)

11. At what point in a pregnancy are you willing to get involved? (Any
time, 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, one month before
birth, after baby is born, etc.)

12. How soon do you plan to adopt? (Immediately, within 3 months,
within 6 months, within a year, etc.)

PREFER OR INSIST? Is this simply a preference but you are open to
other situations or do you insist on these requirements? The more we
know what you are searching for, the better able we are to help so
please consider carefully and be honest in your responses.
Drug Exposure:
Criminal Background:
Rape Situation:
Age of Child (ex. newborn only, up to 1 year old, older children):