Direct Placement Adoption

iStock_000004397817LargeIn a direct placement adoption, the birth mother chooses the adopting parent(s) and the child is placed directly with the adoptive parents.  This is different than an agency adoption. Direct placement adoption is also known as Independent Adoption or Private Adoption.

This is what is required in a direct placement adoption finalizing in CA. Agency adoptions or adoptions that will finalize in another state have different requirements.

**THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS: There are additional parties associated with an adoption. These parties will obtain payment directly from you, the adopting parents. These entities are not associated with our office. We do, however, include the cost of their services in our overall estimate of expenses.

ADOPTION SERVICE PROVIDER: In an independent direct placement adoption in California, an Adoption Service Provider (ASP) is required. The ASP is an independent social worker who meets with the birth mother before the birth to advise her of her rights. Then she/he will meet with the birth mother again after the birth (minimum of 10 days in between each visit) to review the documents and witness the signing of the Adoption Placement Agreement.

INDEPENDENT COUNSEL: In California, the birth mother has a 30-day period in which she can revoke her placement agreement. If she is willing to sign a waiver of this 30-day period, an independent attorney must be retained to advise her about the waiver.

CALIFORNIA STATE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES: The state department of social services is involved in the adoption process in two possible ways. If you already have a completed home study before the birth, the state will prepare their final report for a fee of $1,550.

If you do not have a completed home study before the birth of the adoptable child, the CA State DSS is required to conduct a post placement investigation in addition to their final report. In these instances, the state charges $4,500.